McCauley Services & Terminix Commercial: Trusted Partners

McCauley Services been providing outstanding pest control services for over 30 years. We believe in giving back and helping our communities and are passionate about the high level of quality and integrity we provide with each service. With our new partnership with Terminix® Commercial, we’re proud to offer an even better range of services.

Unique to your Service

Our service agreement and service
protocol is as unique as your brand.
Designed to meeting the specific
needs of your facility, and budget.

Integrated Pest Management

Our service agreement and service
protocol is as unique as your brand.
Designed to meeting the specific
needs of your facility, and budget.

Peace of Mind

QualityPro Certified
Digital Reporting
Online Account Access
Emailed Invoicing
Audit Assistance

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Our technicians and managers work to identify and correct pest-friendly conditions, eliminating access to food, water and harborage by improving sanitation, maintenance, exclusion and landscape management practices. By correcting the conditions that lead to pest problems and using approved pesticides when necessary, our Integrated Pest Management approach provides more effective pest control while reducing pesticide use.

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Terminix Commercial® + McCauley Services
Partnership FAQs

When is the partnership official?

It was official on September 3, 2019.

Is everything okay with each business?

Yes, the business health of both McCauley Services & Terminix Commercial is extremely strong and that’s one reason for this partnership. In this case, we saw that 1 + 1 could equal 3.

Who is impacted by this partnership?

Terminix Commercial and McCauley Services’ customers in the Tulsa area are the only people affected by this change. These are the only two branches impacted.

Why are these two companies coming together?

To provide customers with the best commercial pest control services in the Greater Tulsa area. McCauley Services and Terminix both want the best for their customers. By joining forces, they can deliver a unique, superior service experience with the best of both world’s – McCauley’s expansive local knowledge/ community relationship and Terminix Commercial’s international presence and large pool of resources.

In what ways is this partnership better for customers?

McCauley Services is family owned and operated. They have an extensive history in providing superior customer experience, while Terminix Commercial has the deep resources of a nationwide pest control leader. Joining forces creates an ideal solution for customers. Instead of the power and expertise of one company — now every customer in the Greater Tulsa area gets two.

Is this meant to be a long-term agreement?

Yes, this partnership has been thoughtfully planned out to ensure a lasting solution for customers in the area. The idea is to bring two strong brands together so that customers receive a truly superior experience.

What’s the name of this new branch?

There won’t be a new name but our new logo showcases both brands. It will be showcased on vehicles, uniforms, service tickets and invoices. You can call it by whatever brand you’re most familiar. The tagline for the partnership is, “Trusted Partners.”

So, I still call the same place and the same people?

Yes, the phone numbers you call, the people you talk with and the web address you visit are staying the same.

Which brand will service my business?

In the initial weeks, you could be serviced by either brand – but the goal is to keep as many technicians on their original routes as possible. Eventually, all technicians and CSP’s will all have the same combo uniform and trucks.

What does this mean for my service schedule and for the cost of my service?

Your current service schedule and costs will not change. In the future, there may be changes but you will be notified in advance.

Which company is taking the lead?

Neither. We’re working together to ensure the best practices and learnings are taken from each brand, combined and that the services this partnership offers reflect the best of both.

What if I have other questions?

Our dedicated team will answer any questions you have at 918.900.6335 or email us at