Hot Springs Pest Control

If you live in Hot Springs, Arkansas, you know that comprehensive pest control is an important aspect of living a comfortable life. Between mosquitoes and spiders and wasps, summer and early fall can be ruined by pests if you do not have a pest control service that you trust, like McCauley Services. Here is what you can–and should–expect from a Hot Springs pest control service:


Any Hot Springs pest control service should act like a true professional when attending to your pest control needs. When a serviceman or servicewoman shows up to your house, you can expect that they will show up on time and dressed in their company’s uniform. You should feel comfortable having them in your home, and you should also feel comfortable asking them questions about their methods or chemicals. If you have any specific concerns about the pests in your home or even about your service person’s techniques, please be sure to bring up that concern as soon as possible, so it can be addressed.

An Inspection

When you first hire a new Hot Springs pest control company, they should perform a thorough inspection of your home to assess what issues need to be addressed and what preventative measures need to be taken. When the pest control professional shows up at your home, you can expect them to examine the entryways of your home, including pipes windows, doors, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. Additionally, you should also expect them to take a thorough look at your yard and the rest of your property to ensure that any other potential issues outside your home are taken care of.

A Thorough Report

After performing an inspection, you can expect your exterminator to put together a thorough report incorporating all of their findings on your property. This report should detail all current and potential pest control issues, and it should be written in verbiage that you can understand. If your Hot Springs pest control professional does not give you a copy of the report on their own, feel free to ask for it. The report concerns your own property, so you have the right to see what is included in it. 


After your pest control professional has performed their inspection and put together a report, they should sit down with you and discuss any additional measures that need to be taken. Your service person should inform you of what exactly is going on in your home, and the steps you need to take to keep your home pest-free. This discussion also gives you a great opportunity to ask questions about the inspection or future services. 


After an initial inspection, your pest control professional should follow up with you if there are any issues that need to be addressed, such as treating a termite infestation or preventing against a future infestation. Even if there are no immediate concerns, you should expect your Hot Springs pest control professional to follow up within a few weeks to make sure you do not have any questions. 

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