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Bed Bugs overview

 Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are enjoying resurgence after several years’ dormancy. An adult bed bug is reddish-brown in color and has a flattened oval shape appearance. Only 1/4 of an inch in length, these tiny insects are wingless and have microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that feed only on blood. They prefer human blood whenever available but will also feed on other warm-blooded animals. An adult Bed Bug is about the size and color of an apple seed when fully engorged with blood. Before feeding, an adult can be as thin as a finger nail.


Myth: You can’t see a bed bug.

Reality: You should be able to see adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs with your naked eye.

Myth: Bed bugs live in dirty places.

Reality: Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grime; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. However, clutter offers more hiding spots.

McCauley Services Pest Control Icon Bed Bugs

The gritty details about bed bugs.


Bed Bugs are typically found on or in close proximity to one’s bed. However, because of their mating process, females instinctively flee the group and will end up hitching a ride on clothes or belongings. Therefore, Bed Bugs can be found just about any place that humans frequent.


Typically a person will not feel the bite of a Bed Bug. Similar to a flea or mosquito bite, the level of reaction will vary from person to person and usually won’t itch until a day or two after and for some, never at all. Unlike other biting insects, Bed Bugs tend to leave bites in rows or groups.

Signs of Bed Bugs
Image of Bed Bug


A mature infestation will be noticeable to most
victims within about 3-6 months.
Signs of Bed Bug infestation:
• Blood stains on bedding or seams of mattress.
• Squished Bed Bugs in sheets or pillowcases.
• Bed Bug sightings in early morning/late at night.
• Itchy bites in lines or clusters on the body.
• Dark specs (droppings) in ceiling corner(s).

McCauley Services Pest Control Icon Bed Bugs

When do I most need to worry about bed bugs across the South?













McCauley Services Pest Control Icon Bed Bugs

Things folks across Arkansas, Louisianna, and Oklahoma wonder about.

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Why do I have a bed bug problem?

They like you. They really like you. The truth is that bed bugs are exceptional hitchhikers. They may find you in hotels, on airplanes and anywhere people congregate. They will also travel a far distance with an unsuspecting host. That means you might pick them up at the LaGuardia airport and bring them to Arkansas on your person or belongings. In fact, they will travel a far distance with an unsuspecting host. It’s important to remember that bed bugs are not the result of a housekeeping or sanitation issue. These pests will infest any environment possible. According to the NPMA’s 2013 Bugs Without Borders Survey, bed bugs are a serious problem in residential dwellings. They are also a serious pest problem for establishments that have high occupancy turnover. Mass transit and the increase in both domestic and international travel are also factors in the increased bed bug epidemic.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Although they bite, bed bugs are not known to carry or spread diseases to us. Their bites often leave behind tiny red welts that appear in a line or cluster and that may cause minor to severe skin irritation. A bed bug bite could become dangerous if infected and in that case medical attention should be sought

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are hard pests to get rid of once they have infested an area. They are most active at night and hide during the day in hard to see areas. Prime hiding spots include furniture cracks and crevices, inside mattresses and box springs and behind wall hangings. Contacting McCauley Services is the ideal way to control your bed bug problems. We offer highly effective bed bug removal services that resolve infestations, no matter how severe.

Can I treat bed bugs myself?

In a word, no. Solving bed bug problems can be complex. Do-it-yourself methods are not always effective. And products used to kill bed bugs may contain chemicals that are also harmful to people and pets if mixed improperly. Bed bug treatments should be overseen by trained pest control professionals.

Is the bed bug treatment safe?

The health and safety of our customers, their families or employees is very important to us. That’s why we use products and treatments that are EPA registered for pest control use. All our pest control professionals are registered and licensed by the state or local jurisdictions where we provide service to ensure proper application.

How soon can you get here?

At McCauley Services we make every effort to be with you as soon as possible. In most cases we can respond on the same or very next day.

How much does bed bug control cost?

Treating bed bugs requires a different treatment plan than say ants or roaches and therefore a different price. Our contracts are customized to meet your needs and expectations so our prices reflect that. When you contact our office we can provide you with a general price range for bed bugs. We may recommend a free inspection, where one of our representatives will thoroughly investigate your concerns, give you our recommendation for treatment and pricing information for the service.

How do I prevent a bed bug infestation?

Given their nature, bed bugs can be difficult to prevent. Being vigilant while on vacation or a business trip can gel prevent these bugs from catching a ride home. Of course, that is by no means 100% effective. At the first sign of bed bugs, contact McCauley Services.