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Mosquito Misting Systems

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Why misting is the best solution for mosquitoes.

Our misting system is the perfect solution for flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. It all works to provide relief from hot temperatures in outdoor seating. Using top of the line equipment, aesthetically pleasing installation, and peace of mind maintenance makes our misting system an excellent and effective choice.

How does misting work?

Mosquitoes can use less than an inch of standing water for breeding sites! Our misting system is set to automatically deliver a fine measured mist through precision nozzles when mosquitoes are most likely to be present and vulnerable. The timer is set by a trained specialist to run at times likely to have the most impact on the mosquito population. The misting system can also be controlled manually or by use of remote control.

As it mists, the McCauley Services Mister kills & repels mosquitoes and other flying insects creating protective barriers around pools, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, porches-even yards!